Trauma workshops to head to the Great Southern in November

Injury Matters | October 5, 2017

Road Trauma Support WA’s “Working with grief, trauma and loss workshops’ have been held at various locations across the state to assist our emergency services personnel to deal with those impacted by grief and trauma as a result of the work they do and also to help them look after their own mental health.

Designed in conjunction with Curtin University researcher, Dr Lauren Breen, the workshops help our first responders understand the impact working with grief, loss and trauma can have on them and also provide practical advice to help them develop self-care strategies to prevent burn out and the onset of post-traumatic stress.

Detective Sergeant Geoff Buck, Operations Manager of Major Crash Investigations in Perth, said his unit had worked closely with RTSWA since its inception and that it was really beneficial for the hundreds of people they came into contact with as a result of serious crashes on WA roads.

“Road crashes are sudden and traumatic, not only for those directly involved by for witnesses, family members and emergency services workers and it’s essential that professional help is available in these situations if and when it’s needed.

“We also rely on RTSWA for our people at Major Crash by encouraging officers to attend the Road Trauma Support WA grief, trauma and loss workshops whenever they are presented. It’s not only the families and witnesses who benefit from the service they provide,” he said.

If you are an emergency service worker – either paid or voluntary – and are working in the Great Southern Region and would like to join us for our next regional workshop in Mount Barker on November 8 click here for more information or to register.