The WA Government and the Road Safety Commission WA launch the Zero Excuses campaign

Injury Matters | June 14, 2018

The WA State Government and the Road Safety Commission of WA launched a new road safety campaign, Zero Excuses, this week challenging viewers’ attitudes that a zero road toll was not only desirable but achievable.

They have partnered with Seven West media to produce the multi platform campaign that will include Seven West Media’s television, print, radio and digital footprint across WA, supplemented by additional editorial coverage as well as podcasts and social media.

The television campaign, which uses real people who have been impacted by road trauma either through injury or the loss of a loved one, and shows that it not only impacts the victims, but families, police officers, doctors, paramedics and workmates and friends in a ripple effect.

The campaign will also include a comprehensive community attitude survey of WA motorists asking them questions about key issues on road safety such as texting and merging as well as what makes them angry behind the wheel.

Road Trauma Support WA assisted behind the scenes putting the agencies in touch with those who have been directly impacted by road trauma who wished to share their stories to try and help others from experiencing what they had been through.

For some people who have either been injured in a road crash or who have lost a loved one, the opportunity to share their story with a broader audience, either addressing different groups of road users or speaking to the media, can assist in their psychological recovery from a road crash.

This is only done following a consultation with one of our psychologists to prevent further trauma to an individual.

As an organisation we are often called on to facilitate the sharing of such stories. If you would like to share your story or would like a bit more information on this process please contact us on (087) 6166 7688.

You can view the television advertisements on You Tube here: