The human face of road trauma – a sister’s plea

Injury Matters | May 23, 2018

As an organisation dedicated to supporting those who have been impacted by road trauma, we know all too well the ripple effect it has on the lives of so many.

An often quoted figure is that for each road death a further 13 people are directly impacted, however in reality we know this is far more.

From family, to friends, work colleagues, school buddies, team mates, fellow community members to the emergency services who deal with what follows each and every road crash – the impact is both deep and far reaching.

It’s easy for us and leading road safety figures and organisations to quote the statistics which tell us that there are more deaths on regional roads than in the city, that young people are more at risk of crashing, that men outnumber women by approximately three to one when it comes to deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

Yet it’s the families behind those statistics who tell the real story. Who tell of the utter devastation that follows each and every serious road crash and the pain for those who are left wondering why and questioning if there was anything they could have done to prevent such a tragedy.

In this letter to her brother, a sister shares her pain following his death in a road crash and how her life, the lives of her children and those of her parents will never be the same.

This is her story…

To my brother