Self-Care Tips for Christmastime

Injury Matters | December 18, 2020

We recognise that this time of year can be challenging for those who have lost loved ones or facing unexpected changes due to road trauma. There is no right or wrong way to cope or to do Christmas. At Christmas time, we can expect ourselves to be happy and engage in our usual traditions, such as meals with family.

After a big event, like a road crash, familiar things can feel changed. Therefore, Christmas might still have moments of happiness, and now it might also have sadness or reminders of how your life is different after the crash. We can’t magically put our memories and feelings on hold just because it is Christmas, so if you can, listen to what you need on the day and give yourself permission to not be ok.

Everyone has different needs, but here are some Self-Care Tips to alleviate your emotions:

  • Take some time out. It might be to cry, to reminisce, or just to have some space.
  • Only participate in things that you want to do. Limit your responsibilities.
  • Talk to someone who will be validating and listen to you.
  • Allow yourself to get caught up in distractions and things you enjoy doing.
  • All things in moderation: even things that are not typically “healthy” coping strategies, can be ok if they are just to get us through one day. E.g. avoiding things we can’t face right now, comfort eating, that extra beer or glass of wine (responsibly of course).

We hope you find support and solace through family, friends, and in sharing of traditions, rituals and memories.

Our fact sheet on Coping with Grief During Special Occasions and Anniversaries provides some keys to assist you to support yourself, or someone who is grieving during these times.

Please note our offices will be closed from COB on Thursday 24th December and will reopen on 4th January. If you require immediate support during this time contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.