RTSWA Lead Counsellor Susan Medica says treatment for those with PTSD and brain injuries has come a long way

Injury Matters | June 2, 2017

Road Trauma Support Lead Counsellor, Susan Medica, spoke with the ABC recently about the advancments in rehabilitation for brain damage and mental health issues resulting from road trauma over the last forty years.
However for Micheal Boyd, who aquired a traumatic brain injury as a result of a fatal crash nearly four decades ago, those effects remain with him day and night.

“Michael’s case is quite severe,” Ms Medica said on ABC radio during an interview with Mr Boyd about the ongoing impact the crash has had on his quality of life.

“People with brain injuries do require very specific services and in his case, given it happened quite a few years ago, it would have been more difficult then to locate services with specific knowledge of trauma and brain injury.”

She said services like RTSWA, which is one of an affiliated network across the country, saw people much sooner after the crash and work much more closely with people in terms of their rehabilitation.

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