RTSWA counsellors on hand with support for students at this year’s RAC B Streetsmart

Injury Matters | April 6, 2018

The Road Trauma Support WA counsellors and staff joined with the RAC, emergency services, Royal Perth Hospital director of Trauma, Doctor Sudhakar Rao, and more than 8000 WA high school students for this year’s RAC B Streetsmart event at Perth Arena.

The yearly event is free for all students in years 10 – 12 and has been designed to demonstrate the consequences of distracted driving, speeding and drink and drug driving and gives students tips on how to reduce risk taking behaviours.

Organisers of the event make no apologies for the event’s graphic and sometimes shocking recreation of an actual crash scene, giving the students an insight into the different perspectives and impact the crash has on the different parties involved.

The event was narrated by a crash survivor who recounts the horrific day he lost both of his legs and his three closest mates in an horrific road crash, providing a very human and honest account of the impact one poor decision had on the lives of so many.

RTSWA counsellors were on hand to support the Red Frogs in providing support to students, staff and others attending the event who may have been impacted by what they saw and in need of further support and information.

If you, your child or your school doesn’t attend then it’s well worth while making sure they are registered to attend next year’s event. 

You can access further details about the event here