Road Trauma Support WA joins the Roadwise Committee in Bunbury

Injury Matters | August 24, 2017

Road Trauma Support WA Community Outreach Coordinator, Georgie Sweeting, joined key road safety stakeholders in Bunbury for their regular Roadwise meeting on Monday, 14 August 2017.

The meeting was an opportunity to listen to the committee members’ concerns regarding road safety issues in the region, find out about activities happening in and around the Bunbury area with a road safety focus and to network with key industry stakeholders.

The South West, like many other regions throughout WA, is over represented in road crash data almost every year, with the latest statistics showing that 232 people were killed or seriously injured in the region in 2016.

Groups such as Roadwise meet regularly to support the Towards Zero road safety strategy and to discuss local areas of concern in the region.

For RTSWA the meeting also provided an ideal opportunity to provide committee members with some information and background about Road Trauma Support WA to those who may not have been aware of our service.

Members range from police officers, to local Mainroads staff, council staff and elected representatives and others with a special interest in road safety in the South West.

The Roadwise program was founded in 1994 by the WA Local Government Association (WALGA) with the aim of engaging local governments and communities in actions that support the Towards Zero road safety strategy for WA 2008-2020.

The program is supported by Local Governments throughout WA and funded by the State Government through the Road Trauma Trust Account operated by the Road Safety Commission and approved by the Minister for Police and Road Safety.

Road Trauma Support WA’s attendance at the different Roadwise meetings throughout regional WA is part of an ongoing strategy to work closely with those in regional areas on issues related to road safety.

This aligns with the Road Safety Commission’s focus on working to lower the road toll in regional and remote WA and ensuring those in the regions impacted by road trauma know that there is help available to them.

For those unable to access our specialised counselling services face-to-face in our West Perth office, we offer counselling to all those impacted by road trauma in WA via telephone, Skype or email.

We also have a series of fact sheets available for free download from our website that cover everything from supporting someone after road trauma, coping with sleep difficulties and how to speak with a child following road trauma.