Road trauma and its impact on small communities

Injury Matters | February 27, 2018

Road trauma has a profound impact on small communities across regional WA.

It can divide families and impacts not only those directly involved, but family and friends, colleagues and the emergency services who may have been first on the scene.

RTSWA spoke to the Collie Mail recently about how those in regional WA who have been impacted by road trauma can access support services following road trauma.

Research shows that many of those impacted by road trauma often seek help for their physical injuries but neglect the impact it might have on their mental health in the months and years to follow.

Road Safety Minister Hon Michelle Roberts said support for those in regional areas impacted by road trauma was an important issue and that she was in discussion with the Road Safety Commission about how to expand support services in regional areas in the future.

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Collie Mail Article Feb 2018