Mindfulness: Practical Tips

Injury Matters | March 27, 2020

Mindfulness is about being aware of what is going on around you, without getting caught up in the thoughts and emotions. Research suggests that mindfulness can help you become calmer, be more productive at school or work, and move towards a healthier headspace. Here are some practical tips to help you make mindfulness a part of your life.

  • Observe your breathing. Take a few minutes from your day to focus on your breathing. It’s important to remember that mindfulness isn’t a once off kind of thing, it takes time and practice to develop it.
  • Remember to take mini breaks throughout the day. This can help you to refocus your energy and avoid your mind from becoming restless or distracted.
  • Avoid doing too many things at once. As you stop and start different tasks, this can become distracting, particularly if you are doing something which requires your full attention.
  • Keep a list. This will help you track what is on your mind without having to rehearse and worry about forgetting.
  • Try a mindfulness app. Apps are helpful as they guide you through mindfulness practice, particularly if you haven’t practiced before. Just like a muscle, remember that it takes practice and consistency to get better at mindfulness. You can start with a short one-minute meditation and work your way up to longer ones, as your mind gets better at it.

Here are some useful apps to help you:

  1. Smiling Mind
  2. Calm
  3. Breathe
  4. Headspace
  5. Breathing App
  6. Simple Habit

Remember, we also have a range of resources on our Information and Support page dedicated to the experience of road trauma. If you need support, you can also call us on 1300 004 814 to speak to one of our counsellors.