MEDIA RELEASE | Road Safety Vital to Keep Hospital Beds Free

Injury Matters | April 9, 2020

Injury Matters is reminding the WA community to stay safe on our roads this Easter. Long weekends traditionally see a spike in road trauma incidents. 34 people have lost their lives on WA roads so far in 2020(1); while we may be using the roads less than usual this holiday, it is not a time to reduce our focus on road safety.

Injury Matters Recovery Support Manager, Christine Smith said, “Although this Easter may be different than other years, we still need to remember safety even on those short trips to pick up groceries or medicine.”

With more people exercising outside, it’s also an important time to be mindful of the most vulnerable road users such as children, pedestrians and cyclists.

“Families may be spending more time outside walking or cycling, so it’s vital we all work to keep them safe on our roads,” she said.

Our hospitals and health services are stretched with the current COVID-19 crisis. We can all do our bit to support them by preventing road trauma incidents.

Abiding by speed limits, road laws, driving to conditions and wearing helmets while cycling or scooting are simple yet key steps to a road trauma free Easter weekend.

Tomorrow marks the annual RoadWise Blessing of the Roads, a non-denominational tradition to remind the WA community to drive safely.

Road Trauma Support WA is a state-wide service assisting anyone affected by road trauma. Injury Matters has delivered the service since 2012. Road Trauma Support WA is delivered by Injury Matters and funded by the Road Trauma Trust Account with contract management by the Road Safety Commission WA.

Injury Matters recognises that stories about road crashes can adversely impact those previously affected by another trauma. We request you acknowledge this and encourage you to include details for support services available for any future road stories. Suggested wording: If you or someone you know has been affected by road trauma, contact Road Trauma Support WA on 1300 004 814 or visit

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9 April 2020


  1. Latest Statistics of WA Road Fatalities as at 7 March 2020, Road Safety Commission. Available at