Mainroads staff Kalgoorlie welcome RTSWA

Injury Matters | December 12, 2017

Road Trauma Support WA was in Kalgoorlie last week to present to front line workers and management staff as part of the Mainroads/Lendlease safety day.

The day-long workshop was held for staff based in the Esperance/Goldfields region and covered everything from personal safety, to various aspects of physical and mental health and safety in the work place.

Mainroads workers are one of the key groups at higher risk of road trauma because of the dangerous work they do, often without protection from the behaviour of other road users on the open road.

Each year there are several deaths and injuries in the industry in Australia with Work Safe Australia research highlighting it as one of the country’s most dangerous occupations.

The presentation followed on from a number of specially designed workshops conducted by RTSWA psychologists for Mainroads staff in the Perth metropolitan area assisting them to deal with work place trauma and to help them develop self care strategies to avoid burn out and other mental health complications.

Please contact us on (08) 9420 7262 for further information about this and other workshops we offer.