Landmark European study looks at the impact of road crash injuries

Injury Matters | May 30, 2018

The European Federation of Road Traffic Victims has released an international study entitled “My Life After the Crash” which examines the medical, social, economic and psychological consequences of road crash injuries.

Their figures show that there are more than 20 times the number of road injuries as there are fatalities on a global scale (World Health Organisation 2009) and conducted the study to get a better understanding of the range of consequences of a road crash.

Road related injuries have a major impact – not only on the quality of life of the survivor – but also on their family and support network and more broadly the community as a whole.

The study found that there is still much that needed to be done on a global level to lessen the impact of a crash on those involved and their families in terms of ongoing information, support and assistance.

The study was wide ranging with surveys translated into 15 different languages and dispersed to injured victims and their families via 40 different organisations and across 20 different states throughout the EU.

There is much that can be learned from the responses and remarks from the survey that can inform the decision making processes of governments and leading NGO’s with a road safety focus everywhere and we as an organisation continue to advocate for further investment in services that assist those impacted by road trauma.

It is hoped that the results of the landmark European study will underpin arguments for continued investment in post crash responses and for better support those injured in road crashes. You can read the full article here