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Our fact sheets, brochures and general information are designed to assist anyone affected by road trauma.
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Road Trauma Support WA is part of a vast network of support services available. Below are links to organisations with information and resources that may be of assistance.
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Every year in WA thousands of people are impacted by road crashes.

Road Trauma Support WA provides information, support and counselling to anyone in Western Australia who has been affected by a road crash.

We support those who have been involved in and/or injured in a road crash, their families, friends and carers, those who have witnessed a crash or are first on the scene, first responders and those who may have caused a road crash to occur.

Our specialised fact sheets dealing with the impact of road trauma provide additional information and support and provide some tools that can help you cope in the aftermath of a road crash.

Information and Fact Sheets


Injury Matters: MaPS on our Roads
Information for heavy vehicle operators and industry with tips on how to improve mental and physical health as a means of improving heavy vehicle safety. View the webpage here.

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You can order physical copies of our brochures and wallet cards to your organisation or group via Quickmail.

Helping your recovery

There are a number of ways you can help your recovery following exposure to road trauma, including:

  • Spending time with people who care about you;
  • Maintaining a normal routine as much as possible;
  • Ensuring you are sleeping, eating well and exercising where and when possible;
  • Avoiding using alcohol and/or drugs to ‘numb’ your feelings;
  • Talking to someone you trust about what you have been through; and
  • Booking an appointment with one of our trained counsellors, a General Practitioner, Employee Assistance Provider or other trained professional

When to get help

It’s important to recognise that you’ve been through an extremely stressful event and need to give yourself time and space to acknowledge what has happened.

The majority of people will recover from exposure to trauma with the care and support of family and friends. However, some may experience ongoing, distressing symptoms that can prevent them from enjoying their every day life. Some signs you may need to seek professional help can include:

  • Recurrent nightmares;
  • Phobias, anxiety and flashbacks that last more than a few weeks;
  • Trouble functioning at home or at work;
  • Your relationship or friendships are suffering; and
  • Thoughts of harming yourself or others.

A trained professional, such as a psychologist, counsellor or medical professional can help you cope with the trauma in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental manner.

Road Trauma Support specialises in trauma and bereavement counselling and offers free, confidential services for anyone who has been affected by a road crash:

  • In-person or via telephone or video call
  • No referral needed
  • No limit on number of sessions
  • No timeframe for when incident occurred
  • Free service

What to Expect from Our Counselling Service

Road Trauma Support WA is a self-referral service meaning you can contact us directly on 1300 004 814 to book an appointment. You can also refer a friend or family member via a third party referral however we require their signature as consent to contact them. Referrals are accepted from General Practitioners, the Insurance Commission of Western Australia, Health Professionals, Social Workers and First Responders.

Our specialised training and education workshops sessions also support organisations, including emergency or related services, whose staff may be exposed to road trauma as part of their work.

Road Trauma Support WA is part of a vast network of support services available. Below are links to organisations with information and resources that may be of assistance.

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