Education and Training

We deliver educational workshops and training on grief, loss and trauma and self-care strategies for organisations whose staff may be exposed to road trauma as part of their work, such as emergency services personnel.

Road Trauma Support WA will deliver a number of specialised workshops for our first responders throughout WA over the next 12 months.

The tailored one-day workshops have been designed to assist emergency services personnel, both paid and voluntary, to respond appropriately to those impacted by grief, trauma and loss and to understand the impact this can have on them both professionally and personally.

They also assist our front line responders to develop self-care strategies to prevent burn out and to help avoid the onset of post traumatic stress.

Workshops are held at various metropolitan and regional locations throughout WA.

For further information please contact us toll free on 1300 004 814 or on (08) 6166 7688 or email us at