Do you work in emergency services in our North West?

Injury Matters | July 6, 2017

All too often our emergency services personnel, both professional and voluntary, are the forgotten ones who mop up after road trauma and then return to work the next day only to do it all again. 

There has been considerable coverage across the country on the impact dealing with trauma is having on them and the often silent battle they wage behind the scenes.

Road Trauma Support WA, in conjunction with WA-based charity Sirens of Silence WAPOL and Curtin University, has been conducting workshops across the State to assist our front line workers in dealing with grief, trauma and loss both professionally and personally.

Two of our specialised counsellors will be heading to Broome on Thursday September 7 to deliver a day-long workshop assisting those frontline staff working with grief, trauma and loss with self-care strategies to prevent burn out and the onset of post traumatic stress.

Please click here for further details about the workshop and for registration details.