Compensable Clients

Can I Refer Myself?

Yes, Road Trauma Support WA is a self-referral service. You do not need a referral from a medical or health professional. Just Contact Us direct for assistance.

Can I refer someone else?

You may know someone who you think would benefit from our service; this could be someone in your family, someone you know socially or someone you are treating as a health or other professional. You can either:

  • Encourage them to Contact Us direct for assistance; or
  • Request Road Trauma Support WA to contact them.

Please note Road Trauma Support WA’s Service Charter affirms our respect for a person’s right to choose and/or accept support, and their right to Privacy.

If there is someone that you would like us to make contact with, immediately or at some appropriate time in future, we require a completed Third Party Referral form with their signature to provide consent for us to do this. You can download this form, complete it and email it to us at

What can I expect?

We understand that reaching out for help can be difficult. To help you feel more comfortable coming to your first appointment, we have a simple flyer outlining what to expect – including parking, cancellations, and our service.

View the flyer here.

Compensable Clients

If you have experienced road trauma and have made a claim for compensation, including Compulsory Third Party (CTP) and WorkCover (Worker’s Compensation), the cost of accessing services provided by Road Trauma Support WA may be recouped from your Insurer to assist us in covering our costs.

Please tell us if you have received, or are seeking compensation for your road trauma incident.

Insurance Cover

Insurers pay the associated costs of psychological assessment, treatment and reporting.

If the cost of providing past or future services is factored into your final compensation payout, your insurer will reimburse Road Trauma Support WA from your compensation settlement.


A doctor’s referral is required for Compensable Client Services.

Please ask your doctor to write a referral letter to us and either bring to your initial appointment or email it to us at prior to your initial appointment.

Your Privacy

Road Trauma Support WA is committed to upholding the privacy of our clients at all times, providing the highest level of confidentiality and service in all our dealings.

We ask for your claim number and insurer’s details. We also require you to sign a Release of Information Form giving us permission to release and/or obtain information relevant to your claim and treatment with your insurer,  doctor and any other party deemed relevant by you such as physiotherapist, lawyer etc.

For our detailed Privacy Policy, please go to our website or contact us.

Fees charged to Insurer

The fees which we charge your Insurer are based on Australian Psychological Society and WorkCover Guidelines, and reviewed annually. An itemised invoice and report are sent to your Insurer at each month end.

If your claim is rejected by insurers, Road Trauma Support WA continues your service at no cost to you.

See our Info Sheet for the Schedule of Fees charged to Insurers.

Download a printable version of our Compensable Client Services Info Sheet.