Both sides of politics unite to introduce ‘Charlotte’s Law’

Injury Matters | June 28, 2018

The Road Trauma Support WA team would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Wayne Pemberton and his family for their ongoing commitment to road safety following the tragic death of their daughter Charlotte in a road crash in 2015.

This month saw the introduction of ‘Charlotte’s Law’ in Western Australia, which increases the maximum penalty for aggravated dangerous driving causing death or bodily harm from 10 to 20 years jail.

The bill, which was unanimously passed by both houses of Parliament in June, creates new circumstances in terms of aggravated driving so someone who is speeding excessively or has no licence will be ‘captured’ by the legislation.

WA Premier Mark McGowan and Police Minister Michelle Roberts joined the Pemberton family earlier this week to announce the new dangerous driving causing death laws.

Mr Pemberton told 6PR that he was very pleased that the government had kept their word by bringing into effect tougher laws.

“There has been no fight to get this through, everyone has agreed it needed changing,” he said.

“I just feel the roads are going to be a bit safer to travel on.

“We are trying to prevent other families from suffering this way.”

Tragically Charlotte was killed by a speeding, unlicensed Rebels bikie motorcyclist just minutes from her home.

While it will never bring back their daughter, Charlotte’s father Wayne said he was proud to have the law named after her and paid tribute to all of the other families who have gone through the same thing.

“They should consider this as their law,” he added.

“No family should have to deal with losing a loved one in a road crash,” said Trauma Support Manager Christine Smith.

“Charlotte’s law is there as a deterrent to dangerous driving and is an important legislative step working towards zero road fatalities.”