2018 National Road Safety Week to be launched in Perth

Injury Matters | March 7, 2018

Road Trauma Support WA joins the WA Road Safety Commission, Safer Australian Roads and Highways founder Peter Frazer and a host of other leading road safety organisations from across Australia to launch Yellow Ribbon National Road Safety Week in Perth in April.

The campaign will run nation wide from April 29 to May 6 promoting the key message to ‘drive so others survive’.

Look out for some of Perth’s leading landmarks, including the Bell Tower, Elizabeth Quay and Council House to be bathed in yellow light each night during the week-long campaign as a reminder of those who have been killed and injured on our roads.

This year the campaign will focus on different road users each day including cyclists and motorcyclists, those driving on regional roads, and our first responders who are often first on scene following a road crash.

Visit the Road Safety Commission website to find out more details about the campaign and how you can get involved.