Our Values

Road Trauma Support WA core values are underpinned by ICCWA’s commitment to making our community safer and the belief in treating others with respect, honesty and integrity. All of our work is undertaken within the context of our core values, which are:-

Best Practice

  • Promote and reward innovation; using evidence-based approaches, which are critical to the development of effective service delivery and community outcomes, through:


  • Maintain a welcoming and respectful attitude towards an individual’s cultural and family values; by seeking to empathise and understand another’s point of view.
  • Remain client-focused; recognising that individuals and communities are diverse. Each has inherent strengths and weaknesses; leading to varying levels of need.
  • Ensure our verbal, written and online communications are streamlined - using simple and warm language to ensure compassion and understanding within the community and within the road trauma sector.
  • Convey our support with empathy and discourage the use of statements or clichés that trivialise our client’s experience.


  • With our Clients
    • Partner with clients to empower them to make their own choices regarding the type, level and pace of support that best suits their needs.
    • Support clients to engage with their own coping skills; working towards reaching their individual maximum potential in resuming their family, work and social functioning.
  • With our Community
    • Positively contribute to raising awareness in the community, about the needs and perspectives of people affected by road trauma and allow their ‘voices’ to be heard.
  • With our Partner Organisations
    • Establish and maintain productive relationships with organisations and stakeholders that will help Road Trauma Support WA achieve its vision and mission.

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