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Road Trauma Support WA aims to provide excellent, respectful and caring support to Western Australians affected by road trauma issues, through the creation of a safe environment to facilitate a journey of emotional healing and promoting understanding of the needs of those people. We are committed to being respectful of all cultural and family values. In offering this service, we will always seek to demonstrate our belief in the intrinsic worth of all people by respecting differences, cherishing individuality and nourishing dignity.

These rights and responsibilities may extend to clients’ attending friends and family, and to Road Trauma Support WA volunteers, and contractors or sub-contractors providing services on Road Trauma Support WA’s behalf, as appropriate.

Client Responsibilities

  • Be respectful of Road Trauma Support WA staff, volunteers, other clients and their friends and family.
  • Attend the service in a fit state, not under the undue influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Participate in the service in order to maximise benefit including silencing mobile phones and other devices which could interfere with the attention of others.
  • Inform the service if there are any difficulties or concerns.
  • Maintain the privacy and confidentiality of other Road Trauma Support WA clients or group participants.
  • Keep the scheduled appointment time. Our aim is to reduce the need for long waiting times for an appointment. If you need to cancel an appointment, we ask that you contact Reception as soon as possible so another client can be allocated the session.

Client Rights

  • Respectful, professional, courteous and caring support.
  • Privacy and confidentiality at all times.
  • A safe environment in which to receive counselling and other supports.
  • Prior notification, with every attempt made at contact as soon as possible, if a session time is to be changed for unforeseen reasons.
  • Complete attention, without interruption, from counselling staff and peer supporters during sessions
  • Participate in services, managing your own supprt to the extent that you wish.
  • Request a transfer to another counsellor or exercise the right to decline or withdraw from our services.
  • Provide feedback about any aspect of Road Trauma Support WA, without fear of recourse, expecting that any complaint will be investigated promptly, appropriately and in confidence.

Staff Responsibilities

  • Exemplify the Road Trauma Support WA vision and values, presenting Road Trauma Support WA in a positive and professional manner.
  • Maintain a high standard of professional conduct, providing an effective quality service.
  • Be aware of clients’ and others’ needs.
  • Acknowledge the rights of, and role of client carers.
  • Treat all persons interacting with Road Trauma Support WA in a fair and respectful manner, regardless of background or any disability.
  • Provide and promote a safe environment
  • Avoid imposing their own values and beliefs on clients.
  • Refrain from using a professional client relationship to promote personal, religious, political or business loyalties or interests. This includes not accepting personal payment from clients.
  • Not misuse any relationship for personal gratification. This includes refraining from establishing personal relationships with clients unless the professional counselling process has reasonably ceased.
  • Not engage with Road Trauma Support WA clients or potential clients outside the service, while employed with Road Trauma Support WA without the consent of the Manager who will discuss with the CEO. Any conflicts of interest or potential conflicts must be disclosed to the Manager.

Staff Rights

  • Fair and respectful treatment at all times by everyone engaged with the service.
  • Access to training, contemporary information and resources.
  • Full privacy and confidentiality.
  • Input into service quality standards and having any concerns managed in a positive manner.
  • To refuse or withdraw a service to a client within policy guidelines.

Contravention of Service Charter

Where Road Trauma Support WA believes a client or their representative has contravened this charter, we reserve the right to ask them to modify their behaviour. Where there is considered to be unsafe or serious misconduct, they will be required to cease their participation and presence at the service.

Further information

Road Trauma Support WA welcomes your comments regarding this service charter. If you believe we have not adhered to our policy, or you have any queries, please Contact Us. We will take all reasonable efforts to promptly determine and remedy any issues.

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