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Road Trauma Support WA is a not-for-profit agency, delivered by the Injury Control Council of WA (ICCWA) and funded by the Road Trauma Trust Account with contract management through the Road Safety Commission WA, dedicated to supporting Western Australians impacted by road trauma and promoting an understanding of their needs.

Counselling and support services are provided free of charge to anyone impacted by road trauma, irrespective of when the incident occurred, or the person’s actual level of involvement, be it direct or indirect.

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Road Trauma Support WA is delivered by the Injury Control Council of WA (ICCWA). Please visit our webpage to find out more.

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Road Trauma

Approximately 13 people are affected by every fatal crash1

Despite progress in road safety, crashes are a leading cause of death in Australia and the potential for psychological [and social] distress following a major crash is significant.2

The impact of road trauma costs Australia approximately $27 billion each year. Between 2000 and 2008, transport was the second most common cause of death and third most common cause of hospitalisation [in WA] due to injuries sustained in the community3.

In addition, to temporary or permanent disability, serious physical injuries, post trauma reactions, and psychiatric disorders, there are also considerable personal financial costs, risks to decreased quality of life, social isolation and stigma, restricted opportunities for leisure, and/or carer burden.

Grief is the human response to loss and is a normal, natural and inevitable experience. It can, and usually does, affect every part of our life, including our thoughts, behaviours, beliefs, feelings, physical health and relationships with others for a period of time before the support of family and friends, and time, softens the grief and life grows around it -the intense and persistent feelings lessen. However, for some, the experience of grief can be overwhelming and further support may be helpfulFurther, unresolved grief can form an acute stress disorder and lead to post traumatic stress disorder which needs professional intervention.

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3Ballestas T, Xiao J, McEvoy S and Somerford P (2011). The Epidemiology of Injury in Western Australia, 2000-2008. Perth: Department of Health WA.

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